Fall 2011 Projects

Having completed by training with Kay R. (from our local Guild), it was time for me to embark on my next project at home using my loom. My used LeClerc Nilus floor loom was located at Canada, and Kay R. transported the loom to Washington State for me.

My dowel peg frame for winding the required number of threads to the required length for the warp is strapped to our scaffolding which ‘lives’ in the ‘big room’ upstairs. My husband and I have been building the house coming on year 8 now. We live amongst the disorder.  He went on some great high country hikes while I enjoyed weaving at home.

To make this solo project simple, I followed the same weaving draft as for the previous dish towels. I changed the yarn colors to a southwest desert theme with some amazing warp and weft configurations.

I then took the length of warp to the loom and proceeded to dress the loom front to back. I sleyed 372 threads in the proper order through the reed, and then from the back side of the loom I pulled each thread through individual heddles of four harnesses.

Once that was complete, I slowly untangled yarns (threads, whichever) and turned the crank arm to roll the warp onto the back beam of the loom. When all is set correctly attaching the treadles to the harnesses, I was ready to begin weaving.

The different projects I completed this last Fall 2011 were all from the same weaving draft with color and treadle variations.  In addition, once I had my first fabric cut from the loom I then tied each new warp of threads to the ones left threaded through the heddles and reed of the loom.  This saves time (they say), yet I found the tying on to be a tension-building activity until I got more practice.  Pictures of tying on a new warp will show in another blog following this one.

Cheers!  izzi Avis

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