Playing in the Kitchen with Quinoa ~

Greetings All

Having awakened to the call of the ‘wise owl’, I am launching into 2012 with my eyes focused on improved fitness and general health.  Which for one point means that I am not consuming as many potato chips.

Big Sigh.

Quinoa is a wonderful grain added to my dietary agenda.  I bought and down loaded a fantastic cook book all about Quinoa (thank you Wendy Polisi).

I will post a link:

I have baked Quinoa cakes in muffin pan that turned out yummers!  I modified my version from a combination of recipes found on an internet search.  Adding curry, yellow bell peppers, onion, garlic, and shredded carrots, and Mrs. Cubbison’s herbed seasoned stuffing cubes (  to the mixture resulted in a personally pleasing breakfast food.

I did toss together another Quinoa mixture to make roll-ups.  The ingredients shown in the photograph below added to a package of frozen ultimate southwest blend provided a great filling for roll-ups.

Having fun!  And, as my sweet friend, Trudy says, “Enjoying the Ride”!

Cheers from izzi ~ A


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