Project for April 12th Guild Meeting, Summer Winter Weave

Time is running short,  and I am warping my loom slowly!  It took many hours for me to decipher how design and follow a Profile Draft.  This finally came together once I decided to use an Excel spreadsheet and program techniques to automate the design faster and cleaner.

Training my brain to go from a simple draft to a profile draft is a challenging task, and I am still in progress.  The good news is that I am now beyond the steps of determining Warp Sett, and order of Sley in the reed, and I am now threading the heddles.

Threading the heddles for my Summer Winter weave as I follow the Profile Draft is an exercise in ‘focus’.  I have to follow the block diagram and I have 4 threads per block (blocks A & B).  Threading order differs in that Block A is threaded 1-3-2-3, and Block B is threaded 1-4-2-4.
Once I finish threading the 251 threads, I must move onto the tying up of the treadles, again a challenging stage for my ‘still learning’ brain.

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Cheers! izzi~A


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