Catching up, 2013 Weaving and Garden

The blog brain took a leave of absence for a long while, and it is time to get the catch up posted.  Hubby was busy installing the pine ceiling while I got the seedlings started.  Using this metal rolling rack is perfect to put out in sunshine, then roll back into the house overnight.  I learned to check a bit closer when bring the rack inside, as I managed to bring a snake.  Undiscovered until morning when our guard cat ushered husband downstairs to see ‘snake’ lounging on the ‘heated concrete floor’. We then got the tractor into the garden area for some revision to the layout in order to add more blueberry shrubs.  Raised beds were also prepped, as well as weeding in the asparagus beds.  I seem to have my best  intent in the spring, until the heat of summer drives the weeds into full speed over-taking the garden. We also completed the back landscaping which is easy peasy maintenance and simplicity.  Husband also completed the entire retaining wall along the driveway, and with a gentle curving line we are pleased with the results.  He was free to get back into a summer hiking season, and I was free to garden til the late sundown of the evenings.

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Cheers! izzi~avis


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