Feeding the Girls

Today I share a few ideas for preparing ‘happy meals’ for my 8 weeks old chicks.  They are a tad spoiled which is okay, I have time to do so.  I like to have all the chicks gather around my rubber boots anxious to eat the blend of the day.  This is the one time of day when they aren’t skirting away from me not wanting to be picked up by the giant.  

I use a base liquid, vegetable water from steamed or boiled dinner preparation.  I save the liquid for a batch of oatmeal for the chicks.  Home canned green beans appears to be their favorite, as I usually have a few beans leftover.  I smash the beans, boil the liquid, add oatmeal and garlic.  The platter or bowls of food are sprinkled with a bit of Pro-Biotic powder.

If it is carrot or corn water, I add chopped fruits, basil, rosemary and thyme.  This last week I poached some Tilapia along with barley and a sprinkle of garlic.  And, this morning I prepared Muslix with garlic, cinnamon, the center seeds from cantaloupe topped with slice grapes.  Thus Far, the top of the list of well liked foods must be the baked garnet yams.  Whoot!  The chicks are all over the platter.

The slide show essentially captures how well their mid-morning ‘treat’ was received.

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The Chicken Chick


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