Lightweight, Easy Clean, Poo Droppings

Egads!  Summer is passing by like a ‘streaker’ from the 60’s.  Our garden has finally become robust in growth and I see that we will harvest an abundance through Fall.  About 40 tomato plants will yield greatly for canning projects, I we savour slow roasted tomatoes and garlic.  I am totally jazzed with the Amish Pie Pumpkins that have covered the pathway.  Today, though this chat is about cleaning chicken poo from below the roost.


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One change I have made on the chicken coop is the material for the droppings board.  Wood is just too heavy and bulky.  So after searching the internet for many days, I found the ideal material.  Floortex Ultimat Polycarbonate Smooth Back Chair Mat for Hard Floors, Clear, 47 x 30 Inches, Rectangular (12197519ER)
Sold by: LLC

Two mats covered the length needed with a bit of overlap.  I placed strong cardboard beneath the polycarbonate mats so the semi-clear mat would look like wood.  Each day I scrape the poo with a wide metal plaster taping knife into a bucket.  It is a fast cleaning job inside or outside.  I choose to carry the two flexible and lightweight mats outside and hose them down with the jet spray.  During the winter, I will spritze with a ‘green’ cleaner and wash them clean in place.  No more sore back from lifting out the wooden boards (plywood covered with adhesive shelving paper) which was my first method.  My husband was not pleased with the cost of the polycarbonate mats until he realized it truly is a ‘back saver’ for me.  I also believe these mats are better for sanitation, as well as eliminating one more location for ‘insects’ to hide.  Next chore is to wash down the back wall and repaint!




The Chicken Chick



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