Silk Tie Soiree

Katie provides a colorful and descriptive blog post of our active project meeting. What delightful results emerged from the boiling water bath of our silk roll of neck ties!

Twisp of Fate

Yesterday was a really fun day at the guild room.  We have been planning to do a group project, which was to learn how to dye silk scarf blanks by transferring dye from recycled silk neckties.  We collected a bunch of neckties from various sources and ordered 11″ x 60″ silk charmeuse scarf blanks from Dharma Trading Co.  A couple of women from the Seattle Weavers’ Guild came over to visit and lead us through the process (there are also some YouTube videos out there that are pretty good).

Basically you lay out a piece of muslin bigger than your scarf (a couple of inches on each side), then lay the washed and ironed scarf on it, right side up.  It takes about 3 neckties worth to cover one end of the scarf in a pattern.   Don’t open up the ties, just remove the labels, as you want fabric on…

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