My history began as ‘free range childhood’ being born and raised in Idaho, a scenic area hosting a variety of landscapes. Later in life I married and raised three children.  Even later in life, I married a second time with my husband Pete who is born raised in the State of Washington. We moved from the Seattle area to the warmer dry side of Eastern Washington for retirement years. We have been building our beautiful valley retreat going on 10+ years. Mountains, foothills, lakes, small tube floating rivers, and the local valley rivers that feed into grand Columbia River gives this area beauty.


As far as pleasures and hobbies stretch my imagination, I am primarily found outside in the gardens, on the trails enjoying fantastic summers. I do thrive working in the garden growing heirloom plants for the greater part.  Late summer is surely focused on preservation of the wonderful bounty of the garden.  The kitchen heaves of savory aromas that are captured in mason jars.

My dear husband and I are working on the last phases of house construction. Time seems to have frozen, and little more accomplishment is noticed by the end of summer 2013.  All of the harvest canning is finished, and I am pleased!  From that activity, I rolled right into the hospital for a foot surgery followed by loads of sitting.  No weight bearing on my foot for 6 weeks, then a big walking boot.  From that activity, I landed a new project, raising baby chicks.  Shipment arrived on the 20th of February 2014, and life has been an adventure that continues.

So, wintertime is mostly spent indoors working projects on the weaving loom.  Otherwise, knitting and crochet is a chosen back-up.  On beautiful sunshine days, I still find myself indoors soaking up the warmth through walls of windows.  Baking becomes a pleasant activity, as well as dinner preparation that simmers during the hours.

By means of blended and acquired families in our later life marriage, Pete and I have a blending of 4 children, now adults. By means of blended and acquired families we enjoy 10 grand-children.  Grand children live far away, as well as any other family, so we live a rather quiet life style.

Over time, I will rewrite this description about myself as I have time and acquaint myself with the technical aspects of this blog site.
Cheers from izzi~avis !


5 responses to “About

  1. Congrats on living the dream “country life”! Where are you at in Eastern Washington? I am from the Walla Walla area and currently live in Boise… Still a “Washingtonian” at heart….



  2. OH MY, a REAL weaver. I love what I’ve seen so far of your work and your blog. I plan to totally absorb it soon. Thanks for stopping by my wee blog today.
    Libby Lu


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